Movalsys participates in the REINFORCE project, a collective effort by Aldakin, Naitec, NNBI 2020, Eversens, Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Cistec and Movalsys, which seeks to develop an Artificial Intelligent platform for the prediction of the cancer toxicity and the cancer recurrence. 
Whithin the framework of this project, subsidiced by the Gorvenment of Navarre in the Call for Strategic Projects 2020, Movalsis has been carrying out measurements at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra on oncologic patiente in the last weeks. The purpouse of these measurements is to obtain an objective assessment of its degree of frailty, as well as a whole set of biomechanical variables that will serve to feed the mathematical model that will predict the toxicity of the treatments and the probability of cancer recurrence.


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How we can measure the movement?

The physicists Joaquín Sevilla and Javier Armentia explain how to obtain parameters with the aim to evaluate the people movement. In this case, they have the collaboration of Mariano Velasco Pérez, CEO of Movalsys, "spin-off" or technology-based company of the UPNA that has developed a tool capable of providing objective data on movement. The applications go from clinician fields such as geriatrics and rehabilitation to physioterapist ones (assessment and monitoring of the physical condition of athletes).


This video has been made by the Public University of Navarra (UPNA) and has the funding of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) - Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and the collaboration of the Pamplona Planetarium.


You can see the whole video in the following link:





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Jornada "Innovando en salud con las personas"



El pasado lunes día 19 de noviembre, Movalsys participó en la jornada "Innovando en saludo con las personas" organizada por Adacen Neurolab y la Unidad de Acción Social de Navarra. Doce expertos, entre ellos Mariano Velasco (CEO de Movalsys) hablaron sobre cómo contar con las personas usuarias en el diseño y desarrollo de tecnologías de la salud para obtener una mejor autonomía y calidad de vida.


En la primera ponencia Fernando Vilariño, presidente de ENoLL, habló sobre "Europe as a Lab: la orquestación de los ecosistemas de Innovación centrada en el ciudadano. A continuación Rosina Malagrida explicó cómo hacer el I+D+i en salud con personas y usuarias y otros agentes sociales en un living lab. Le siguieron dos mesas redondas en las que se pudo discutir sobre diferentes aspectos de la innovación en entornos sanitarios. En ellas participaron Francisco Fernández, director de ADACEN y Neurolab (el primer centro de living lab en el campo de la salud en Navarra); Oscar Moracho, gerente del Servicio Navarro de Salud, Dolores Navarro, directora de Experiencia de Usuario del Hospital Sant Joan de Deus y diferentes responsables de empresas innovadoras en este campo como Movalsys.


Para mayor información se puede consultar el siguiente enlace:





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A program of physical exercise, the key to reversing the deterioration in patients older than 75 years

A program of individualized physical exercise put into practice over three years in 370 people over 75 years admitted to the Geriatrics Service of the Hospital Complex of Navarra (CHN) has been shown "safe and effective" to reverse the associated functional impairment to the hospitalization suffered by patients over that age. Other aspects such as cognitive status and quality of life also benefited.

 "However, this intervention did not change the re-entry date and mortality at three mounths.  In a population as old as the object of study and with a theoretically short life expectancy after hospitalization, the objective of our intervention was not to increase the quantity, but the quality of life, "says Nicolás Martínez-Velilla.


"Sometimes, we believe that technologic improvements or the lates and innovative treatment can provide all solutions to our proble, but we are not aware that the disability generated by hospitalization can have a greater impact even worse than the diseased itself. In this sense, we reiterated the valuable and positive effect that physical exercise can have in the prevention and treatment of diseases, "adss Mikel Izquierdo".


 You can read the whole notice at:


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Interview with a world reference - Mikel Izquierdo

Mikel Izquierdo, a professor at the Public University of Navarra and an eminence in the field of exercise science, is interviewed by David Marchante, head of PowerExplosive (private platform of personalized training plans):

This interview outlines the importance of the exercise to allow elderly to be independent n the their final years of life. It is mandatory to change our life habits since being physically active is able to make an active person of 70 years to be better than a sedentary one of 40.

How to start? Mikel Izquierdo advises us to be aware of our physical status and try to be able to walk independently for 5 minutes and get up and sit 5 times in a chair, at least. And then? Visit the page ( where you can find physical exercise recommendations for everyone. There you will find both an app that you can download as a guide as an ebook to practice.

In addition,there are nowadays  tools, based on the use of inertial units, that  allow us to measure parameters related to function that makes it possible to monitorize a patient and detect a situation of risk of fragility or suffering a adverse event in a sports practice.


In addition, there are nowadays tools, based on inertial units, that can allow us to measure parameters related to function that make it possible to monitorize and detect a situation of risk of fragility or suffering an adverse event in a sports practice.



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