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Interview with a world reference - Mikel Izquierdo

Mikel Izquierdo, a professor at the Public University of Navarra and an eminence in the field of exercise science, is interviewed by David Marchante, head of PowerExplosive (private platform of personalized training plans):

This interview outlines the importance of the exercise to allow elderly to be independent n the their final years of life. It is mandatory to change our life habits since being physically active is able to make an active person of 70 years to be better than a sedentary one of 40.

How to start? Mikel Izquierdo advises us to be aware of our physical status and try to be able to walk independently for 5 minutes and get up and sit 5 times in a chair, at least. And then? Visit the page ( where you can find physical exercise recommendations for everyone. There you will find both an app that you can download as a guide as an ebook to practice.

In addition,there are nowadays  tools, based on the use of inertial units, that  allow us to measure parameters related to function that makes it possible to monitorize a patient and detect a situation of risk of fragility or suffering a adverse event in a sports practice.


In addition, there are nowadays tools, based on inertial units, that can allow us to measure parameters related to function that make it possible to monitorize and detect a situation of risk of fragility or suffering an adverse event in a sports practice.



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Movalsys has been recogniced as an "spin-off" of the Public University of Navarra

The Public University of Navarre has recognized Movalsys S.L. as a technology-based company. Movalsys business consists in the development of a new tool capable of providing objective data of human movement. Applications can be performed both in the medical (i.e. geriatrics and rehabilitation) and sports (i.e. assessment and monitoring of athletes' phisical condition) fields. Movalsys arises from the colaboration between two research groups from the UPNA in the field of Biomedical Engineering and its advances has been published in the most important journals of Physiotherapy, Geriatrics, Biomedican Engineering and Mathematics.

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Geriatrics from CHN begins to prescribe exercise to all their patients.

After getting discharged from consultation, they will receive an individualized prescription to maintain its "optimal functional status as possible."
The service notes the "physical and cognitive" improvement hospitalized participating in a program.


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Movalsys, measure movements to predict and prevent.

They are able to predict in an agile manner, with a low cost system and anywhere the risk of falls or injury.


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Objective analysis against the frailty syndrome

A system developed by the Public University of Navarra provides objective and quantifiable information on the physical state of the person.

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