Marisol Gómez Fernández

Lecturer into Mathematics Department at UPNA

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Mikel Izquierdo Redín

Proffesor and head of Helth Science Department at UPNA

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Pablo Lecumberri Villamediana

Software Director

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Mariano Velasco

Managing Director

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Alicia Martínez-Ramírez

Sales director

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Nora Millor Muruzabal

Custom services director

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External Co-worker


Movalsys has the best professionals in each area for the development and testing of its products. 

  • Physiotherapy: Igor Setuain (TDN), doctor in physiotherapy, nowadays he works on the functional recovery of athlethes from Navarra and sourrondings. 

Movalsys begins

Movalsys arises from the scientific experience of two research groups ("Algebra and Applications" and "Biomechanics and Movement Physiology (BIOFIM)") from UPNA, Public University of Navarre. This multidisciplinar team has eight years of experience conducting research on the analysis of biomechanical signals provided by inertial sensors and, as a result, its advances have been published in major scientific journals in Phyisiotherapy, Geriatrics, Engineering and Mathematics.

Basis and performance

Movalsys furnish medical staff with a tool capable of providing objective data about movements performed by a patient.

With just a single inertial sensor of the latest technology and a powerful signal analysis software, Movalsys provides a comprehensive set of motion parameters in clear and simple fashion.

The sensor is attached to the subject's lower back with the help of an adjustable belt. Then the patient performs a specific movement tailored to the function under study while data is transmited to a computer.  Upon completion of the test, our software analyzes the data and provides a report with the corresponding results:

Without tedious and complicated set-ups, performing measurements with our system is quick and comfortable.

The data analysis is simple, fast and automatic. No technical knowledge is necessary to perform it.

Easy-to-understand reports are provided based on perfectly described and explained parameters to aid medical staff with their diagnoses.

Making the difference

The improvement over other similar tools resides in Movalsys streess on making easy-to-use products, which facilitates data gathering while powerful analysis makes easily interpretable results readily available. Our philosophy is to make measurement easier in the clinical setting.