Geriatrics from CHN begins to prescribe exercise to all their patients.

After getting discharged from consultation, they will receive an individualized prescription to maintain its "optimal functional status as possible."
The service notes the "physical and cognitive" improvement hospitalized participating in a program.


This pioneering initiative is part of the work being done by the Service and the Department of Geriatrics Health Sciences at Public University of Navarra (UPNA). To put theory into practice, developing materials to prescribe individualized exercise older than 70 years, Professor of Physiotherapy at the UPNA, Mikel Izquierdo Redín, coordinates the Vivifrail European project.
This year 163 patients hospitalized in the service of Geriatrics have participated in an exercise program that also cured of their disease, go stronger both physically and cognitively.
According to Dr. Casas, "for these patients is important to heal his illness, but it makes the difference how they are functionally" because "if a sick person is in a wheelchair will have a short-term prognosis much worse than someone they go walking, gaining independence. "

You can find the full information on the following link.

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