Movalsys, measure movements to predict and prevent.

They are able to predict in an agile manner, with a low cost system and anywhere the risk of falls or injury.


The company Movalsys, gestated in the Public University of Navarra is the result of the collaboration of two researcher groups
Algebra and Applications Biomechanics and Physiology of the movement. This company is not only able to monitor the movements of the human body, but also to interpret them to predict scientifically the risk of a person to suffer a particular injury or fall, among many others applications.
"The ability to obtain objective data to measur movement means having the ability to predict and prevent potential risks," says Marisol Gómez Fernández, professor in the Department of Mathematics of the UPNA. Mariano Velasco, managing director of the company, adds that the more measurements are made, the system gets better: "The more information, the better the system because it improves the algorithm".

You can find more information by downloading the following document:
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