Objective analysis against the frailty syndrome

A system developed by the Public University of Navarra provides objective and quantifiable information on the physical state of the person.

A new intelligent system can provide objective and quantifiable data to diagnose frailty syndrome. The tool, developed by engineer Telecommunications Millor Nora translates the parameters obtained by means of motion sensors into useful information on the functional status of a person.

Millor, who have just presented her thesis on this tool, read at the Public University of Navarra (UPNA), explains that "the real breakthrough is not in the mere collection of data, but give them a clinical significance" .

All this knowledge has also be used to create a technology-based company called Movalsys, which aims to provide solutions to identify the functional status and quality of life in older patients. Moreover, it cnan also diagnose and monitor deficiencies in the pattern of movement in athletes who have suffered an intervention anterior cruciate ligament, or those at risk of injury to his hamstring during a race at full speed.

You can find more information in the following link.

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