Movalsys wins the university category for the InÍciate 2015 prize

Last 27 November, the final phase of this award was held with a total of 80 projects submitted. Movalsys was the winner of the universitary category while the Spirotrap company got the general category and the prize of 12,000 euros.

Spirotrap, aims to generate dry extracts from alcoholic beverages, alcoholic decrease without losing structure or improvement of structures in wine and drinks 0.0 generate alcohol.
Meanwhile, Movalsys, develops and offers health professionals a new technology that allows to obtain objective information on the health status of a subject from their movements, collected by an inertial sensor.
The prize for both categories is a free six-month stay in the nursery Innovation CERN, the preselection of the project to participate in the fourth edition of the Entrepreneurial program and the possibility of opting for an equity loan for start SODENA on going.

You can find more information in the following link.

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