Fourth "Enterpreneurship Action" will be opened by Febrary 2016

Next Febrary 2016 the fourth call for the "Enterpreneurship Action" will be opened for those innovative ideas to promote innovative bussiness according to Pilar Irigoyen, the general director of Economic and Business Policy and Labour of the Government of Navarra and president of the society public European Business and Innovation Centre of Navarra (CERN).

During four months, and over 20 breakout sessions, entrepreneurs will be into a specific program of acceleration provided by CERN and based on a methodology to contrast their business model and also with the aim to prepare them to start business in the market.
Each of the initiatives will be also supported by the sponsoring company with the role to mentore and give developers their experience and knowledge, and also a financial support of 8,000 euros.

You can find more information in the next link.

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